Learn Ecommerce CMS in OpenCart

The most important Course for programmers and designers which will lead the training candidates for the best output on developing simple and complex designs for any blog and websites.

In the modern age of Information Technology, nobody can deny how important the role that Internet and the web has in our lives; however, the trend of eCommerce is increasing day-by-day. OpenCart is an open source, free, and powerful shopping cart system designed to give us reliability when building our own implementation of a web store. Open cart is one of the very Popular E-commenrce CMS software today. Because of its easy to understand code yet powerful features, opencart has gained popular amond developer and website admin alike.

'The entire course is spread over 1 month and by the end of it, a student shall be able to create a fully functional web-store and customize it using OpenCart.'

Course Over View:
Introduction to Ecommerce and Shopping Cart
Introduction to Opencart
Installation and Configuration of Opencart
Understanding Opencart extensions
Understanding the categories, product options
Usage of Controllers in Opencart
Usage of Models in Opencart
Usage of Views in Opencart
Relation between Model, View and Controller
Understanding Opencart plugins
Understanding Opencart themes
Payment processors
Project Examples and Roundup
Opencart custom page creation for admin and front also.
Opencart Module development



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